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Liberal Limerick #2 – Patty

There once lived a liberal named Patty.
Her politics were boilerplate fad-dy.
When issued a query
To state her views clearly
She utters, “Republicans bad-dy.”
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-Cafes- Meraki

This place is cozy. Everyone is beautiful and they all get avocado toast. The name means something in Greek.

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-NOVEL IN VERSE- 45. She continued her moribund gallivanting…

She continued her moribund gallivanting
Past the owners on the run 
When she spotted a shimmer beneath the slanting
Glare of the indian summer sun.
Staring back pensive was Sidney’s trusty
Comprade in tents-a Rasta Rusty
Wondering just what the fuck to do.
His waders waist deep within the slough.
He’d spent the most of the morning hours
Playing scratch off lotto while sloshing about
Making various phone calls, catching trout,
And tracking a single pack of mallards
He spotted Syd, sternly turned and spat, 
“I need almonds, parsley, and lemon! Stat!”
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-Cars- Mad Max Model T

I like one of these cars more than the other.

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-Cafes- McMenamin’s North Bank

Always a treat coming to these places.