Ballade #2: Ballade of the Online Dater

You like to swim and ski a bit.
I find these pastimes rather lame.
You noted D.O.D’s the shit.
I’ve never even played that game.
You yearn for money and for fame. 
I find what’s best in life is free. 
Each of these qualities you claim
Are of “no importance” to me. 

You say, “Don’t pay.” You’d like to split.
I acquiesce ‘cause you're a dame. 
The cigarettes you’d like to quit.
For me, I feel about the same. 
You heap on politicians blame;
A designation I’ll agree.
All these values that you name
Are “somewhat” important to me. 

I saw your photos. Trim and fit.
I’m most attracted to your frame.
That red bikini did befit. 
You put all of the rest to shame. 
You garner much online acclaim. 
Your lovely visage seems to be
I now resoundingly proclaim
“Extremely” important to me. 

The fling we shared was but a flame,
In retrospect, I humbly see. 
The fact that clearly was your aim
Is “somewhat important” to me...

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